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Why is an Engine Cooling System important?
Posted on 12 February, 2019

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Foxy Lady Member -This is what your cooling system looks like!

Type of Car Engine Cooling System


There are two types of cooling systems; liquid cooling and air cooling. Most auto engines are cooled by the liquid type; air cooling is used more frequently for aircraft, motorcycles and lawnmowers.


Liquid Cooled Engines 


Liquid cooled engines have passages for the liquid, or coolant, through the cylinder block and head. The coolant has to have indirect contact with such engine parts as the combustion chamber, the cylinder walls, and the valve seats and guides. Running through the passages in the engine heats the coolant (it absorbs the heat from the engine parts), and going through the radiator cools it. After getting "cool" again in the radiator, the coolant comes back through the engine. This business continues as long as the engine is running, with the coolant absorbing and removing the engine's heat, and the radiator cooling the coolant.


A cooling system pressure tester is used to check the pressure in the cooling system, which allows your TLC Autocentres technician to determine if the system has any slow leaks. The leak can then be found and fixed before it causes a major problem. 


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