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Replacement Vehicle Cambelts (Timing)
vehicle Cam Belt / Timing Belt

Replacement Vehicle Cambelts (Timing)



The Cambelt is a vital part of an engine that connects several moving parts allowing an engine to work.


To simply explain the importance, imagine you are riding your push bike when the chain comes off or breaks. The end result is that you stop! It's the same with a cambelt on a car.


The difference between the two is that a bike chain is easy to replace and does little damage if it breaks or comes off. However, if the cambelt breaks or comes off, it can cause severe damage to the car's engine which, in turn, will lead to an expensive repair bill!


Your vehicle manufacturer will insist that the cambelt on your car is replaced once its engine has travelled a specific distance (a typical example is 60,000 miles), or reached a certain age (for example 5 - 6 years).


Our car mechanics will be happy to check your cambelt in our garage workshops, completely FREE OF CHARGE, just contact us or complete the Book Me In panel below. 



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